About SIF

Funding charities to address the areas of greatest need in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The Social Investment Fund was established following an agreement by the States of Deliberation within the 2018 Budget Report and was incorporated in 2020.

SIF’s purpose is to use funds received from public and private sources to invest in the third sector within the Bailiwick of Guernsey and improve joint working between the government and the third sector.

After its incorporation, SIF immediately responded to the Covid-19 crisis by launching a successful appeal for donations to support local charities. SIF is now focusing on its original plans of providing grants to the charitable sector via its Small and Major Grants programmes.

Funding Sources

Funding for our grants programmes came initially from the Guernsey net proceeds of the Channel Islands Lottery. SIF has recently received its first funding from the Guernsey Probate Registry and in future, other sources of States and previously unavailable funding will be earmarked for SIF’s grants programmes.

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Recent Funding Rounds

The first rounds of the Small and Major Grants programmes for 2021 have now closed and funding recipients can be viewed in the tables below. New rounds will be announced on this site in due course.

Small Grants 2022 Round 1
Organisation Used For Awarded
Guernsey Swimming Club Level 1 & 2 and coaching training for teachers so they can become SwimEngland accredited £6,698
Climb LBG Towards the salary costs of a part-time Senior Instructor/Co-Ordinator £10,500
Accidental Zoo Towards the costs of delivering the Wellbeing Matters programme in 2022 £5,000
Relate Guernsey Towards general operating expenses including office staff, rent, services, supervision, IT, telephones, insurance policies, training £25,000
Mill Street Community Cafe LBG Towards renovation work and to improve accessibility £15,000
St Anne's Preschool Playgroup To fund the 2022 summer school, enabling the Playgroup to use any profits to take on more staff and replace dilapidated equipment £6,163
La Société Guernesiaise Astronomy Section A flat screen monitor/TV with speakers, to facilitate lectures/presentation £1,039
Guernsey Amalgamated Boxing Club A webpage, 2 x iPads, a projector and a screen, to improve publicity and training £5,577
Guernsey Bereavement Service Provision of mandatory counsellor supervision £6,615
Liberate Salary for part-time Administrative Officer £12,500
5th Guernsey Scouts Repairs to the Nissen hut so it can be used as a base for the Scouts group £10,000
Friends of Sark School Towards outdoor play equipment for the school £20,000
Action for Children/Youth Housing Project To fund ‘moving in’ equipment packs for 14 service users who leave AFC training flats to live independently £14,939
Go LBG Equipment and minor alterations to premises in order to develop new skills for trainees £13,000
Les Cotils Ltd To support ex-offender work placement/training £12,500
Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBG Replacement line marker for pitches £720
Guernsey Athletics Investment in the promotion and roll out of Long Term Athlete Development and Youth Athlete Development, targeting children in primary school and lower junior school - salary costs, education resources, equipment and facilities costs £14,500
Autism Guernsey Training and equipment for Occupational Therapist role £10,000
Guernsey Dynamics Football Club To support facilities hire and travel costs so that players can have games with similar teams £6,000
Guernsey Counselling Service To support training and counselling costs £16,000
Alderney Bird Observatory To cover the costs of building a base station for the MOTUS migrant bird data project and purchasing recording equipment £4,000
Guernsey Street Festival Towards costs of performers £5,000
The Monnaie Fellowship Trust LBG Towards a wheelchair-friendly pathway in the grounds £2,500
Major Grants 2021 Round 1
Organisation Used For Awarded
In-dependence A new 12-month post to raise awareness of services for at risk, problem (adult) gamblers and their families and to respond to gambling referrals offering the appropriate intervention. The post holder will also succeed the Criminal Justice Substance Worker £51,200
Citizens Advice Guernsey To cover the salary costs for 3 years for the CEO and Office Coordinator £166,000
Bright Beginnings (Every Child Our Future) Towards the salary and operating costs of the Children’s Centre for 3 years £150,000
Carers Guernsey To support outreach work for 2 years £100,000
Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Service To cover the salary costs of the Rehabilitation Dry House Manager for 2 years £80,000
Autism Guernsey To cover the salary costs of specialist psychological, therapeutic, counselling and sensory integration services for 2 years £80,000
Youth Commission Towards the early help approach to mental health in secondary schools programme - for staffing costs, training and resources £300,000
Guernsey Disability Alliance To cover the salary costs of the Partnership Director for 2 years plus a contribution to running costs £80,000
Wigwam To cover the salary costs of the Family Support Coordinator for 3 years £58,046
Guernsey Employment Trust To cover the salary costs of 2 Employment Support Officers for 2 years each £151,000
Guernsey Community Savings To cover the salary costs of the Manager for 2 years £53,300
Styx Centre Towards the purchase of the adjacent field to the Styx Centre to enable the redevelopment of the parking and play areas and to improve access £25,000
Guernsey Rovers AC LBG To improve access to the South West frontage of the building and provide a bespoke area for training, learning and education for charities/community groups £27,500
Guernsey Mind Towards core funding for the delivery of the charity's overall strategic plan £74,000

Focus on the Bailiwick

The Social Investment Fund seeks to support the financial sustainability of the Bailiwick’s vital charitable sector, targeting funding towards organisations and projects which are most needed or demonstrate measurable benefits for our community.

Our funding is available to a wide range of beneficiaries and causes, including disadvantaged groups, culture and the arts, the environment, education and health & wellbeing.

We distribute a range of grants from hundreds of pounds to sums in excess of £100,000.

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The SIF Team

The Social Investment Fund is incorporated as an LBG and registered as a charity, managed by a Board of Directors. For more detailed information on the establishment of the Social Investment Fund see Billet D'ÉtatXX of 2017 Resolution 29 of The States of Guernsey Annual Budget for 2018 and more recently Billet D'État VII States Meeting 18 March 2020.

SIF's 2020 accounts can be viewed here.