About SIF

Funding charities to address the areas of greatest need in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The Social Investment Fund was established following an agreement by the States of Deliberation within the 2018 Budget Report and was incorporated in 2020.

SIF’s purpose is to use funds received from public and private sources to invest in the third sector within the Bailiwick of Guernsey and improve joint working between the government and the third sector.

After its incorporation, SIF immediately responded to the Covid-19 crisis by launching a successful appeal for donations to support local charities. SIF is now focusing on its original plans of providing grants to the charitable sector via its Small and Major Grants programmes.

Funding Sources

Funding for our grants programmes comes from the Guernsey net proceeds of the Channel Islands Lottery and Guernsey Probate Registry. Following a States decision in 2021 SIF also receives a percentage of all seized assets proceeds to apply for community investment.

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Funding Allocation

SIF’s funding allocation policy takes a prudent approach which allows for the allocation of our reserves over a five year term in order to give confidence and certainty to the Bailiwick’s third sector over the sustainability of SIF’s grant funding. SIF does not aim to build up our reserves but rather to allocate them sensibly. SIF does not assume anything for future years’ receipts of funding to ensure the board is spending within its means.

The amount available for funding to the charitable sector will be calculated each year based on the level of reserves taking into account (a) receipts in the previous year and (b) grants committed in the previous year (whether paid or committed for future years). This ensures that there is always certainty of funding for the sector over a further five years.

Recent Funding Rounds

Recent grant recipients can be viewed below. New funding application rounds will be announced on this site in due course.

Small Grants 2023
Organisation Used For Awarded
Bright Beginnings Towards the costs of a new building for a private consulting room, small office and staff room. £20,000
Guernsey Basketball Association Beau Sejour hire for inter-insular matches, costs of travel for officials, funding towards under 18’s programme kit and equipment £3,500
Guernsey Community Savings Costs for premises for 1 year £6,960
Guernsey Sailing Trust Sailability Programme - For Monday Sailability club costs, sessions and fuel for 3 years £18,000
Guernsey Volleyball Running a coaching course to enable players to qualify as coaches £1,450
Headway Guernsey Rent for one year £9,730
Health Connections Towards office rent and transport software platform costs for 1 year £9,750
Guernsey Badminton Association Redecorating costs £3,500
Guernsey Friends of Maggie's Towards cancer support specialist time (x250 visits) and property costs £12,500
Grow Ltd Providing an enrichment programme for the Crew during the period prior to relocation back to the Coutanchez site £7,500
Guernsey Beach Wheelchairs New swim chair, new hut, insurance, website hosting, new sign writing on hut, hoist and fitting. £23,910
La Société Sercquaise Fire proof secure storage for significant historic documents - a Phoenix fire ranger security cabinet and delivery £2,148
St Saviours Community Centre Towards repairs, redecoration, maintenance and equipment costs £10,000
Guernsey Counselling Service Towards costs of supervision, office administration and general running costs for 2023 £15,000
Amherst Primary School Parents Teacher Association Towards replacement equipment and essential repairs to the playground equipment £24,660
Alderney Broadcasting Company LBG Replacement software and equipment £10,000
Le Rondin School Parents Staff and Friends Association Contribution towards the Calvert Trust Package Holiday 2024 £10,000
Alderney Tennis Club Contribution towards the costs of a padel tennis court £15,000
Baubigny Schools PTA Trampoline, Schools Reading Programme and Music Lessons £11,200
Guernsey Boxing Club Equipment for ladies’ sessions and 2 exhibition shows - £6,780; roof repairs and replacement - £12,295 £19,075
Offender Deposit Assistance Scheme Towards continuity of service over the next year - providing funding for lending rental deposits £5,000
Guernsey Cheshire Home Contribution to utility costs for 2023 £12,500
Guilles-Alles Library Towards the costs of Book Week for 1 year – author fees, books, prizes, travel and accommodation £12,000
Guernsey Eisteddfod Towards running costs £10,000
Citizens Advice Guernsey Towards the creation of individual user and management committee accounts for CAG’s IT platform and recurring monthly fees £19,434
Sark Art Gallery and Museum Match fund grant - towards general start-up costs £5,000
Alderney Bird Observatory Towards materials; licenses/IT/legal; fuel and transport; rent, rates and insurance £2,500
Les Voies School PTFA Towards the costs of daily lunches for 20 students over the school year £20,196
Organisation Used For Awarded
Vive La Vallette Towards salary costs of the Community Lead 2023-2024 £50,000
Health Connections Towards 6 months' salary costs for the Health Connections transport service £21,243
Guernsey Adult Literacy Project Towards the salaries of the two part-time teachers for 3 years £105,000
Trauma Recovery Centre Towards expansion of the TRC Therapy Centre and services in Guernsey - support for running costs for 3 years £137,971
Autism Guernsey Salary support for the Occupational Therapist for 3 years and to introduce an Adult Diagnostic service £233,113
Ron Short Centre Running costs for the Ron Short transport service for one year £63,756
Guernsey Alzheimer's Association Towards management salary costs for 3 years £156,000
Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Service Towards the Dry House Manager's salary £50,000
Alderney Wildlife Trust Towards funding for the Alderney 'State of Nature' work for 3 years - an Ecologist & Alderney Biodiversity Centre Manager; a Lead Marine Ecologist - part-time; ecological training and survey equipment; and IT infrastructure. £136,500
Friends of Citizens Advice Guernsey Towards 3 years’ funding of the Shop Manager’s salary and shop rent £111,000
Citizens Advice Guernsey Towards CEO salary £30,000

Focus on the Bailiwick

The Social Investment Fund seeks to support the financial sustainability of the Bailiwick’s vital charitable sector, targeting funding towards organisations and projects which are most needed or demonstrate measurable benefits for our community.

Our funding is available to a wide range of beneficiaries and causes, including disadvantaged groups, culture and the arts, the environment, education and health & wellbeing.

We distribute a range of grants from hundreds of pounds to sums in excess of £100,000.

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The SIF Team

The Social Investment Fund is incorporated as an LBG and registered as a charity, managed by a Board of Directors. For more detailed information on the establishment of the Social Investment Fund see Billet D'ÉtatXX of 2017 Resolution 29 of The States of Guernsey Annual Budget for 2018 and more recently Billet D'État VII States Meeting 18 March 2020.

SIF's 2021 accounts can be viewed here and our Update Report for 2020-2021 can be viewed here.

SIF's 2022 accounts can be viewed here and our Annual Report for 2022 can be viewed here